Secure apps for business

Whatever you need the responsive web application to do, we'll get it doing exactly that. At a reasonable price and developed just for you, with hosting & SSL certificates all sorted out. Here are some examples.


Client: Ridown/Second Sense Media

Project management software allowing the tracking of milestones in projects across networks. With user-level based access permissions, file storage, cost-tracking & client contact.

EPG Manager

Client: Jazz FM, UK

Manage your submission to Sky's EPG online with EPG Manager. Imports schedules from XML, or you can manually create them.


Client: Onecom/Second Sense Media

We were asked to provide an online system for sales executives to prepare PDF proposal documents for clients, based on a simple user input form based around a relatively complex set of mobile & mobile broadband tariffs. The result is a beautifully formatted PDF, fully checked for errors.


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